Dallas home inspection

Dallas home inspector

home inspection in Dallas TX

home inspector in Dallas TX


"I purchased my first home Nov 2013 and had an inspection done by Art Neidich 08/2013, I didn't know what to expect but wanted a professional opinion on what I was buying. Art was a God sent angel to me in a time of need, he explained everything to me in full detail and walked me through everything he had done concerning the inspection, I trusted Art at that time and if I need another inspection, he will be the first and last person I call."

- Yolanda

"I met Art after I had purchased my new home. He came highly recommended by a friend. My family and I were relocating from California to Texas and had never dealt with a new home construction. From the inside and outside the home looked perfect. I thought, surely, I didn't need to spend the money to inspect a brand spanking new house. My husband, however, reminded me that this is the biggest purchase of our lives and we needed to at least inspect it even if we thought it was perfect, just for peace of mind. I chose Art because of his vast experience and was impressed that he is certified in almost all areas needed above and beyond an average inspector. Once he came in with his crew I was amazed to see he found things on his report that I would've never thought to check (nails missing in certain areas, patch work that wasn't completed, etc). The biggest thing was the roofing job. He informed me of the potential issues in the future if it wasn't fix. I came back to the builder and the builder argued it was perfect and nothing needed to be fixed. It went on back and forth until they day of closing. Art showed up and aggressively told the builder that they had to fix it because of the future issues it may cause to us and that we purchased a brand new house so everything needed to be perfect! It was like I had a buyer’s agent on my side and he fought so hard to see to it that my roof was perfect. The builder finally caved and fixed the roof. I am so thankful for Art and his team for all they've done and want everyone to know he's worth every penny simply because he will save you so much more."

- Mia, Murphy, TX

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