Dallas home inspection

Dallas home inspector

home inspection in Dallas TX

home inspector in Dallas TX

Dallas Texas Lead Paint Testing

Dallas House InspectionLead Paint Testing in Dallas can be done by our professionals at Art Art Neidich Property Inspection & Consulting. This test is useful for indoor air quality testing as well as safety, health, and other concerns. If you have visible water stains, paint peeling, or ceiling, floor, or wall damages and you live in a home built prior to 1978, it can be vital for you to test your home for lead paint especially if you have children or pets.

During remodeling, the lead paint can turn to dust. It can contaminate soil through the lead dust and get tracked into your home from elsewhere. Children and pets have been found to be the most vulnerable for lead poisoning because they tend to be the ones exposed to the peeling paint or dust as they eat or play.

In many cases, paint with lead in it is not a hazard if it is in good condition. It's when the paint is disturbed in some way, whether due to remodeling the home or just old paint that is peeling off or is peeled off on purpose and absorbed by the human body.

Lead Based Paints Testing Specialists

Art Neidich Property Inspection & Consulting specializes in testing for Lead Based Paints. We can help you determine if your home's paint has toxic lead as an ingredient. Our expert inspectors are fully licensed and trained to perform lead paint testing and are qualified lead risk assessors.

We use the latest, state of the art technology to detect the presence of lead. Results are provided instantly so you'll have full information at the time we perform your inspection.

We provide you with detailed reports which will include each reading, where the lead was found (if found), and a map of the locations in the home that the test samples were taken from.

Lead Paint Testing In Dallas

At Art Neidich Property Inspections & Consulting, we're focused on providing you with all the information you need to live in a healthy environment. Lead testing is just one way we can help you ensure your Dallas area home is safe for you and your family.

As local home inspection specialists, we've provided lead testing and other highly technical services to Dallas area homeowners since 1988. We are properly licensed by Texas state authorities and are well-seasoned professionals with more than thirty years of experience in our field.

When you need certified Lead Paint Testing in Dallas, come to Art Neidich Property Inspections & Consulting!

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