Dallas home inspection

Dallas home inspector

home inspection in Dallas TX

home inspector in Dallas TX

Why are Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters so important?

Since the early 1980s, ground-fault circuit interrupters have been built into outlet receptacles, and advances in design in both receptacle and breaker types have improved reliability while reducing instances of “false trips,” known as nuisance-tripping.

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Bathroom Ventilation Ducts and Fans

by Nick Gromicko, Rob London and Kenton Shepard Bathroom ventilation systems are designed to exhaust odors and moist air to the home’s exterior. Typical systems consist of a ceiling fan unit connected to a duct that terminates at the roof. Fan Function¬†¬† The fan may be controlled in one of several ways: Most are controlled… Read More

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Home Inspection Protects a Dallas Home Buyer

Let’s say that you want to buy a new house in Dallas, TX. Already you should be thinking about getting a home inspection. Maybe you are looking for a new place for permanent residence or even a vacation house for summer. Either way, you want a house that meets the standards of quality and structure… Read More

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The Importance Of A Dallas Home Inspection

House hunting is always a little exciting. It’s fun to look at Dallas homes and imagine what you’re life would be like there; how you would decorate; or to what use you would put certain features. It’s almost like being a kid again and playing house. When you have this mindset, it’s easy to fall… Read More

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