Dallas home inspection

Dallas home inspector

home inspection in Dallas TX

home inspector in Dallas TX

Dallas Home Inspections: 7 Questions to Ask

A Dallas home inspection is a fact-finding mission. A home inspector’s job is to report the condition of the home to the client based on a visual assessment of the major components of the home. It is very beneficial for a client to attend the home inspection in order to see the issues the inspector sees as the inspector finds them. This also gives the client the opportunity to ask the home inspector questions along the way about any items they do not fully understand. Home inspectors are very knowledgeable and can offer great insight into the condition of the home, what to expect, and proper maintenance tips. In order to help clients get the most out of their home inspections, below is a brief guide to asking the Dallas home inspector the right questions during the inspection.

Questions Not to Ask

Do not bother asking the inspector if you should buy the home, if they would buy the home, if the price is right, etc. The home inspector should be neutral and not offer personal opinions about a property. Their job is to offer a fair assessment of the home and present their client with the facts. The decision to buy is up to the buyer. The inspector is also not an appraiser, so do not expect the inspector to make any value judgments on the home as a whole, only judgments on the home’s structure and components. Some inspectors will include repair estimates on everything, while others may only be able to give estimates on certain items. Some may refer repairmen or suggest do-it-yourself methods, but others may not be able to give any help in this area. They can answer most questions about the function of home components, but the above questions are simply outside of the field of expertise of most home inspectors. With that being said, clients should feel free to ask the inspector about absolutely any remaining concern that comes to mind during the inspection.

Examples of Questions to Ask

It is helpful to think of questions for the home inspector ahead of time. During the Dallas  home inspection there is a lot going on, and it can be tough to stop and give real thought to everything you may have questions about.

Here are several to get the list going:

1. Where is the main water shut off valve to the house?
2. What is the typical life span of the roof on this home? Is there any special maintenance that needs to be done to it?
3. If there is access to the attic, what does the attic look like? Is that space good for storing boxes, or would keepsakes be damaged up there?
4. Is the electrical panel full, or is there room to expand?
5. How is the drainage around the house?
6. Which items are real safety concerns? Which items need to be addressed right away, and which can be taken care of down the road?
7. Is there anything specific I need to know about up-keep on this particular home?

Buying a home is a big decision and can seem overwhelming at times. That is why it is so important for the potential buyer to take the time to ask the home inspector questions during the home inspection. They should take the opportunity to tap into their home inspector’s wealth of knowledge on the subject. Clients shouldn’t feel as if they are bothering the inspector either. The majority of Dallas home inspectors are happy to provide information and share what they know, especially with first time home buyers.

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