Dallas home inspection

Dallas home inspector

home inspection in Dallas TX

home inspector in Dallas TX

Combine Streetman Home Inspections

Combine Streetman home inspectionWhen you come to Art Neidich Property Inspection & Consulting for a Combine Streetman home inspection, you can be sure that you'll get work done professionally as we are the experts in all types of inspections.

One of the valuable services that we offer is property inspections for realtors. We work directly with man realtors in the area to ensure the property they are selling is up to code and safe to inhabit.

Pre-listing inspections takes place before a property is put up on the selling market. In tough economic times, sellers should be in competition with one another in order to make their homes stand out and sell faster than their neighbor's.

It is an investment worth making. We can assess your home and work with the realtor to ensure that it will make you more money. By doing smaller repairs and some replacement work, you'll get more out of your home easily.

You will save money with our inspections. We don't overcharge and always keep the properties legal. In tough economic times, we can help sell a home faster and safer. Call today for more information.

Combine Streetman Pool Inspections

Our Combine Streetman home inspectors offer fast and reliable pool inspections. We are licensed to provide current information about the safety of your pool construction whether you're having it newly installed or have had past problems.

We get asked all the time why is a pool inspection so important. We ask our customers if they would swim in something that is unsafe. Pool components are not cheap. Replacing them can be very expensive.

Your pool will run better with an inspector. Just ask your neighbors and family who have had one done before. They are probably out there now soaking up rays and enjoying the water. You should be next in line.

Combine Streetman House Inspections

Most of the time, home inspections are done differently. No two are alike. We do them thoroughly. We are insured and licensed to perform them all across the state. You can depend on our inspections to help.

Two places where we see lots of damages are in the attic and on the roof. Everything from the framing to the gutters has to be functional or else we cannot pass it. If it's not inspected in great detail, you can be guaranteed to have issues with them.

When you need to have a Combine Streetman home inspection service done, call Art Neidich Property Inspection & Consulting. We make our inspections well worth the investment. Call today for an appointment.

If you are looking for a Combine Streetman home inspection service, then give us a call today at 214-734-2632 or complete our online request form.

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